Five Reasons to Write a Letter to Yourself

By Scott Hughes

Writing a letter to yourself—to read five years later—can give you current insight into you. Be grateful for the people and events in your life now, and remind your future self of that gratitude. Finally, think now about who you want to be when you open that letter five years later. More:

Five Ways to Be Positively Selfish (for Good Reason)

By Susie Moore

Some days, it can be challenging enough to like yourself, let alone love yourself. But, points out Moore, not loving yourself makes it harder to love others. So be selfish—for others’ sake. Here’s how: Do something fun for one hour a week. Think outside your routine to find new opportunities. Explore a new neighborhood. You don’t need much to care for yourself, but the impact on you—and on others—can be enormous. More:

We Like Taking Selfies but Not Looking at Them

By: Science Daily staff

Frontiers/Science Daily

Today’s selfie is the popular item that no one really likes. Researchers in Germany have found that while virtually everyone takes selfies—usually a lot of them—people feel there are too many on social media. Study participants suggested that selfies by others are self-promotional, while one’s own selfies are “authentic.” Another finding: close to 70% believe selfies can be harmful to self-esteem. So don’t look; just snap. More: