Since purchasing a home is likely the biggest purchase you will ever make, many buyers, particularly in recent years, choose to include a home inspection as a condition in their Agreement of Sale and Purchase.

Once you’ve hired a qualified and certified home inspector, make arrangements to attend the home inspection. Your presence isn’t required but it’s definitely in your best interest to be there, for a number of reasons.

Your home inspector is a wealth of information. An expert on all things home related, they will be able to offer tidbits of advice that may not be included in the written report. Being present also gives you the opportunity to ask follow-up questions to your inspector’s suggestions, such as how long before a repair is required and how much it will cost. If these are big-ticket items, they can be used to negotiate the price of the property to cover the cost of repairs.

Up until this point, you’ve likely only spent 15 or 20 minutes touring the home you’re purchasing. A home inspection gives you the opportunity to spend a couple hours in the home, closely examining aspects and areas you may have missed. You can also use this time to take measurements and make a list of landscaping that is needed, rooms to be painted, windows coverings that are required, etc.

During the inspection, take notes, ask questions and clarify anything you don’t understand. Remember that this will be your home and it’s an opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the property. Attending the home inspection is the best way of getting to know the property and feel confident in your purchase.