Spring has traditionally been high season for selling one’s home but that’s not always the case anymore these days. In fact, there’s no magic month to sell a house.
Traditionally, in spring ‘For Sale’ signs exploded in the city like kernels of corn trapped in a hot air popper. The thinking was that it would give families with young children enough lead time to settle in their new neighbourhood before the start of school in September.
But is it the best time to sell? The easy answer is when your current home no longer meets your needs. While the decision certainly rests on personal circumstances, such as job relocation, job loss, or a changes in relationships and family dynamics, strategy may work in your favour. Do your homework on the latest lending rates, local employment rate and housing market.
Consider that joining the cavalcade of sellers in spring also increases the competition for buyers. Opting for another season, when the inventory of houses are typically lower, such as fall or summer, may work in your favour, decreasing your time on the market while increasing the number of potential buyers and possibly driving up the selling price due to that lack of competition.
Any time is good time to sell a house so why not put your home’s best face forward to improve your odds. Curb appeal goes a long way to getting noticed by passersby and interior improvements will draw them inside. Look at your home with the eyes of a stranger, it’ll help you hone in on the areas that you’ve managed to ignore and live with all these years.
Clear out the clutter in closets, cupboards, everywhere. You’ll be moving soon, do you really need all the stuff you’ve accumulated or is it time to say so long? Clean, as in scrub, the nooks and crannies large and small.
Do cursory improvements keeping in mind that going overboard won’t always recoup your money. Only certain upgrades are cost effective such as repairing leaky faucets, holes in window screens, stuck or broken windows and cracks in the walls and ceilings.