What to Look For When Buying a Home


Buying a home is big investment for most of us. This investment is not only the money, but also an investment in the wealth and health of your family and relationships.

One of the most important guidelines is to avoid houses or buildings that face the following compass directions. These are called voidlines in Feng Shui. Very Inauspicious: 22.5°, 67.5°, 112.5°, 157.5°, 202.5°, 247.5°, 292.5°, 337.5°.

The shape of the home and property are most favourable when they are shaped more like a square or triangle.  When the home or property has many angles then the home is considered not to be balanced. It could cause feelings of confusion after living in it for any length of time. It’s also not favourable for the house to be too long or too wide.

The best grading on a property is when the land is slightly higher in the back and flows gradually down towards the front (or road).  This allows the chi to continuously and gently flow around the property.

The surroundings and approaching roadways of a house or building play a very important part In Feng Shui. Usuallyif the surroundings are favourable of a residence or property, you are 60% there for an auspicious home.

– avoid a house that is on a T-junction roadway where the traffic is flowing directly towards the front door of the house

– avoid a house that is at the very bottom of a cul-de-sac or dead-end

– avoid a house that is on the outside bend of a roadway

Avoid houses that face, side or back onto schools, police station, shopping centres, garbage dumps, places of worship, cemeteries, power station, cell towers or power lines.

Sharon Hay international