When the weather outside is frightful, it’s time to cozy up inside. There are plenty of ways to infuse warmth into your interior without turning up the thermostat. Consider some of these simple tricks to get you ready for an incredibly cozy season!

-Layers. A layered look can be achieved easily when you introduce cozy throws, or some new pillows to your living room, or bedroom space. Without cluttering, find ways to layer with warm winter fabrics like wool, knits and faux fur.

-Rugs. Many people add a rug to tie a room together, but don’t forget that it can also warm up cold hardwood, or tile floors. Even the kitchen can benefit from a strategically placed rug.

-Texture. Add a faux sheepskin throw over your couch or armchair. Search for patterned pieces that can give your home texture and depth. Wood is also a great addition. Look for inexpensive wood accessories like candle holders, picture frames and knickknacks.

-Drapes. A heavy set of drapes will help keep the heat in and the cold out.

-Colour. Introduce a new colour palette by changing up your accessories, or add a fresh coat of paint on a feature wall. Think rusts, golds, reds, browns and greens. Don’t be afraid to go dark because it can give your room a cozy effect.

-Light. Adding lamps with dimmer switches will give your room an intimate and inviting feel. Light a candle to create heat and add to the moody ambience.

-Books. This may seem like a strange tip, but books have an uncanny way of making any space feel cozy. Place stacks on shelves, coffee tables, and ottomans and mix up the placement with vertical and horizontal stacks.

-Dehumidifier. Removing moisture from the air eliminates that damp cold effect found in some rooms, like the basement. The air coming out of the dehumidifier is slightly warmer than it was going in.

– Scents. Certain smells evoke our senses in the winter months. Room sprays, diffusers and scented candles in pine, apple, cranberry and pumpkin will help add warmth to any room.