Just as fashion trends come and go, home décor styles change and emerge with the passing years. It seems like it was only yesterday that using wallpaper in your home was a serious faux pas, but alas, wallpaper is back in a big way.

In 2014, you can find wallpaper featuring murals, textures, paintable paper, chalkboards and more. From pre-pasted to peel and stick, there’s a hanging method to fit the patience levels of both the calm and restless decorator and for those on a tight to less restrained budget.

When it comes to textured and small prints, it’s ok to go all out and cover all four walls in a room. If you’d like to create a feature wall, choose a wall that doesn’t already have a major architectural feature, such as a fireplace or bank of windows. You can make sure the room is cohesive by painting the remaining walls in one of the colours in the accent wallpaper.

Large-scale geometrics are back from their bold introduction in the 1960s and ‘70s. Out with the browns and oranges and in with the more contemporary chocolate and pink. Geometrics work well in a contemporary scheme where there’s solid neutral-coloured furniture (white/black/wood) that won’t fight with the wallpaper’s patterns.

For bathrooms, metallic works well to help make a small room seem larger and brighter by reflecting the light back into the room.

Wall murals, customized or from stock, are instant conversation starters and as easy to hang as wallpaper, as they typically are cut to the size of the length and width of the wall and are hung in strips. Paintable, textured wallpapers are ideal for hiding unsightly cracks in a wall and add interest by allowing you to match the paper with the paint colour in the rest of the room.

So, if you’re ready to really make a statement with your home décor, try wallpaper and make something old new again!