It’s time to paint your home – you have picked your colours, bought the tools and it looks like a simple enough job to do on your own. But…even though it may not look that hard, painting can be very tricky and requires a practised hand.

Sometimes, hiring professional painters is the best solution as they understand the required techniques, know all the best products available and have the proper tools to give you the best result.
Here are some tips to remember when hiring a professional painter:
First, it is always best to hire a painter that has been referred to you by someone who has used their services and were happy with the results.
Next, always have a consult prior to hiring a painter so you can go over your vision, ask all of your questions and set up the arrangement. You can show them examples from pictures you have collected.
Here are some things to discuss during the consultation:
-What type of paint do they use?
-How many coats of paint are included in the quote?
-How long will it take?
-Does this price include all prep work and clean up?
-Does the price include trim or mouldings?
-Be sure to go over all costs and have the agreed-upon fees put in writing
-Ask to see some photos of their previous work and have them provide references
It is important to get several quotes to make sure you select the best one for your project. Once you have chosen a painter, make sure you understand everything in the contract to avoid any misunderstandings. The contract should outline the work to be done, the fees, the work schedule, and the payment schedule.
It is important to choose someone that you trust and be sure you don’t just go with the lowest price you find, as that’s not always the best one for the job.
Hiring a professional painter can be the best choice to get ultimate results.