It’s always important to have a presentable house, whether you’re a homeowner, or a home-flipper. Cleanliness is the key, of course, but a home isn’t a home unless it looks like one, so below I listed some of my top tips for making your house look snazzy!
— House seems small? Try getting some used multi-purpose furniture and line a few of them in the corners of the room, and putting the table a few feet in front of it. Try and make sure the bare legs of the furniture and table are easily seen. A hardwood floor helps with this illusion.

— Rooms seem a bit short for your taste? Try getting some large, tall mirrors and low-slung furniture. It helps the walls look taller in comparison.
— Not digging the colors your house came with? Take a few colors you like and experiment with shades until it matches your interests…for instance, if you like brown and green as well as nature, try going for faded, solid cloth curtains, a hardwood floor, and oak furniture for a more “natural” or “woodsman” feel.
Hopefully these tips helped you in sprucing up your home, and remember…a snazzy home is a happy home!