Sunnylea is a highly sought after neighbourhood that is especially popular with young families. There is a country charm here thanks to the Mimico Creek which gently meanders through the centre of this neighbourhood. Sunnylea’s many mature trees and the exclusion of sidewalks add to its country-like ambience.

Sunnylea is known for its excellent schools which are a popular drawing card for this neighbourhood. The elementary schools have definite enrollment boundaries that serve different parts of this neighbourhood. You can phone the schools listed below to see which one your child would attend.

                                                                At The End Of  2017 (Average Price) 

                                   Condo Apt.(1 bedroom)                                                     Detached

                                       $407,050                                                                         $1,366,857


Market update 2016 (Average price):           Condo Apt.             Condo Townhouse           Detached

                               First quarter :                      $440,286                 $-                                     $1.070,721

                                                Market update 2015.  (Bloor / Islington/ Royal York)  

                                               Condo Apt:           one bedrooms                        two bedrooms                             

                               List price (average) :         $351,140                                         $706,325

                               Sold price(average):           $341,950                                          $700,300

The Queensway is an affordable west end neighbourhood that offers convenient access to downtown Toronto and numerous recreational opportunities at the nearby South Humber Parklands.

Up until recently The Queensway had a relatively low-profile earning its celebrity status, with many television, movie and commercial productions having taken place in the residential pocket around Queensway Park.

But now The Queensway neighbourhood is poised for great things with the announcement of the recently formed Queensway Business Improvement Area which is launching its first major celebration on September 29th, 2012. Also the Queensway and Queensland neighbourhood parks will receive funding for improvements which will engage more residents in local activities and foster an even greater sense of neighbourhood pride.

                                                       Market update 2015.  (Royal York / The Queensway)  

                                               Condo Apt:           one bedrooms                        two bedrooms                             

                               List price (average) :       $329,758                                          $443,895

                               Sold price(average):       $335,000                                          $411,750


               Stonegate -Queensway Neighborhood Ranking (assigning score out of 100)

Overall score 65.7

Schools score 75.4

Crime  score   19.7

Health & Environment 63.4

Transit 67.6

Employment 70.4

(Based on Toronto life Publishing Company)

                                                                       Average  Price 2015:

                                          Norseman North                                       Norseman  South

Att/Row/ Townhouse           $775,000                                                       $805,000.

Condo Apt                                ——                                                                ——         

Condo Townhouse                ——                                                                $312,500

Detached                              $779,125                                                          $674,031

Link                                         ——                                                                   —-

 Semi-Detached                  $625,000                                                             559,000