One of the most common questions in real estate is “when is the ‘right time’ to list my house?” And the answer is there is no right time – but only the time that makes sense for you and your needs.

Everyone wants to sell quickly as houses left on the market too long get stale and the process is exhausting. Traditionally, the fall and springtime you will see an enhanced market. Realistically, it’s the overall health of the economy that affects the broader real estate market. Regardless of the timing, it’s proper pricing – fair market value – that generally leads to a successful sale.  But it is in the hands of the homeowner, ultimately, to expedite the process of selling their home quickly

  • Pricing correctly is the number one step to shortening your timetable when selling. Price your home conservatively by looking at similar houses that have recently sold and are currently on the market.  If you really want to stimulate a sale, you should under price your property by just a hair below your competition.

  • Prepare your home for sale.  Begin with de-cluttering and that includes the basement!   If you have too much junk have it stored off-site during the selling period.

  • Address all issues with your front entry and porch.  It is the first impression.

  •  Clean and organize closets and remove all personal photos and objects.

  • Paint where it makes sense.  Should you have many pictures take them down, fill in holes and re-paint with a neutral colour.  Any rooms that are faded or bright in colour should also be painted in a soft natural hue.  Touching up baseboards, railings and trim in a white semi-gloss will make it clean and bright.

  • Get in a home inspector.  For a few hundred dollars you are made aware of what needs to be fixed now so there are no surprises at offer time.

  • Make all necessary repairs inside and out.

  • Hire a landscaper for curb appeal.

  • Clean until your house literally sparkles.

  • Have your home staged.

  • Hire a respected realtor that specializes in your neighbourhood.

  • Get your house photographed as some 84% of people start their real estate search online.

Finally…prepare for showings and open houses. Your house must remain in sparkling condition  and be able to be pet- and human-free at a moment’s notice!