Recently, two track extensions have been completed in the York Region that many contractors are hoping will cut down on commute time, and allow more people to spend time at home with their families. The $3.2 billion dollar project (up from original projections at $2.6 billion due to complications) will stretch all the way to Richmond Hill.
Many people who have worked on the project estimate that once the subway extension is officially open to the public, the increase of commuters may mean a better economy as far as real estate is concerned.
Thornhill MPP Gila Martow believes that another similar subway extension will greatly benefit the community:
“Expanding the Yonge subway north will benefit residents in Thornhill, Vaughan, Markham, Unionville, Aurora and Newmarket, while getting many commuters off of downtown streets,” she claims.

The same could also be assumed for the Toronto-York Spadina extension, which will be open to the public around December of 2017, an extension many say will help expand boundaries and push for growth and progress.
I, for one, certainly hope so…larger boundaries and more traveling people could definitely help boost the real estate market, and that’s something I think everyone wants.