What’s your decorating style? Are you a timeless traditionalist? A modern minimalist? Classic Contemporary or see the value in second-hand treasures? Take the quiz below to find out! The letter you choose most is your preferred style.
1. If you had the opportunity to have one famous interior designer redecorate your home, who would you choose? 

a) Nate Berkus. Oprah’s go-to guy loves anything vintage, just like me!

b) Hildi Santo-Tomas. Her eccentric, modern look is right up my alley.

c) Martha Stewart. This DIY diva’s classic designs are just my style.

d) None. I wouldn’t be caught dead hiring an interior designer!

2. Which TV family has a home that best resembles yours? 
a) Marshall and Lily’s cozy, colourful apartment on How I Met Your Mother
b) Jay and Gloria’s chic abode on Modern Family
c) Charlie’s refined, understated home on Two and Half Men
d) Peter and Lois’ house on The Family Guy
3. If your home had a theme song, what would it be? 
a) Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men
b) Only Time by Enya
c) Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk
d) Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses
4. What home décor items could you not live without?
a) Candles. They set the mood no matter what time of day.
b) Artwork. It’s a reflection of who I am.
c) Fresh flowers. They brighten up any room.
d) I have a few coasters I use occasionally…do they count as décor items?
5. If you could buy your dream home anywhere in the world, which would you choose? 
a) A villa in Tuscany. I can almost feel the sun on face now…
b) A penthouse apartment in New York City. Duh.
c) A mansion in Malibu. Big, bright and airy, ideal for me to add my own creative touch.
d) A hut on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean would suit me just fine. Carefree and enjoying whatever the day brings.
6. You’ve been given a free home makeover! The only catch is you must draw    inspiration from an era gone by. Which will you choose? 
a) The 60’s. I still like shag rugs and wood paneling!
b) The 20’s. The chrome, glass and mirrors of the art deco period will never go out of style
c) The 50’s. The clean lines, simple design and pastels could work well in 2013.
d) 60’s, 70’s 80’s, what does it matter? The operative word is “free”.
7. How does Don Draper’s vintage-patterned wallpaper make you feel?
a) Claustrophobic. There’s way too much going on for my taste.
b) Like I’m going to be sick. This wasn’t ok even 50 years ago.
c) Thoughtful. This could work for me, in a lighter colour perhaps?
d) So, who is this Don Draper?
8. Which popular pattern appeals to you the most?
a) Paisley. It’s warm and rich.
b) Patterns aren’t really my thing; I like to keep things simple.
c) Chevron.  This versatile print would work well on walls or fabrics.
d) Camouflage. Duck Dynasty style!
9. It’s time to purchase a new couch.  Which look will you go for? 
a) Big, overstuffed and comfortable
b) A sleek, leather divan
c) A standard, three cushion sofa in brown or grey with an assortment of cute throw pillows to jazz it up.
d) The best deal. If it’s a hand-me-down from someone’s basement or a Kijiji find, so be it.
10. When it comes to lighting, what do you gravitate towards?
 a) Candlelight, floor lamps and pot lights
 b) Track lights and lustrous metallic lamps
 c) Pendant lights and chandeliers.
 d) As long as the bulb is easy to change, I’m happy.
If you chose mostly a’s: You are the timeless traditionalist. Comfort is key and you gravitate towards natural mediums like wood, fabrics and stone. Your home truly is your sanctuary and you like to surround yourself with furniture and accent pieces that are built to last and have a vintage, homey look and feel.
If you chose mostly b’s: You are the modern minimalist. You abide by the ‘less is more’ adage and tend to keep your home décor simple but edgy.  You most likely include one show-stopping piece in each room of your home, whether it be a larger-than-life sculpture or a bold piece of art. Clutter is your worst enemy!
If you chose mostly c’s: You are the classic contemporary. You choose colours that are neutral and understated and have a knack for finding the perfect accent pieces to add your own personal flair. You like to tackle do-it-yourself projects and spend more time on Pinterest than you’d care to admit.
If you chose mostly d’s: You are the décor on a dime type of homeowner. Someone else’s trash is your treasure. You’re not fussy about colours, materials or the overall look – as long as you get a bargain and it’s comfortable, you’re sold. You like to hunt for deals at garage sales and wouldn’t be embarrassed to pick up table or bookshelf from the side of the road.
Have an even mix between all? Then you have eclectic style with wide-ranging tastes. Create interesting living spaces by using key pieces from all four styles.