To make your home cosy, warm and energy efficient for the coming winter, there are just a few indoor tasks to complete in the fall.
Fall is a good time to get the furnace cleaned. A clean furnace runs more efficiently and saves you money. Make sure you replace your furnace filter and vacuum out your cold air returns and heat vents, especially if you have pets. Dust and fur can accumulate and once you turn your furnace on, it will blow everywhere. If you have electric baseboard heaters or radiators, vacuum them well. Take a look at your ducts and see if there are any obvious gaps. Taping them up with special duct tape will save energy and keep rooms warmer. If you have a built-in humidifier, change the filter and clean it out as well.
For fireplaces, make sure you get your chimney cleaned by a professional to remove any debris or critters. Clean any exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens, too. These help remove moist air from your home and reduce the chances of mould growth. They also help improve indoor air quality.
If you have ceiling fans, give them a wipe to remove dust and take a moment to reverse the rotation of the blades. In winter months, you want it turning clockwise to keep the hot air moving down where you need it.
Take a few minutes to test your sump pump and make sure it is in good working order for the coming season. Pour several litres of water into the pit to ensure it drains easily away from your home. Consider installing a backup system or alarm in the case of pump failure to prevent water damage in your basement.
Fire departments suggest that smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries be changed every six months. A good way to remember is to change the batteries every time you change your clocks. That way, you’ll always be protected.
These few simple chores will help you stay warm and safe all winter and help keep those energy bills in check.