At the mouth of the Credit River the former municipality of Port Credit is a hip end of Hurontario Street. Port Credit dates all the way back to the Mississauga Ojibwe first nations band and a trading post established in 1720. Today Port Credit is a commuters paradise and a great urban centre for young professionals and families alike.

Port Credit, Mississauga’s ‘Village on the Lake’, is a community blessed with a fabulous location and enhanced by festivals and events all year round. In this little town that doesn’t sleep much, both the BIA and residents work hard at creating a trendy town chockfull of fabulous shops, restaurants, markets and countless year-round special events.  On the shores of Lake Ontario, Port Credit makes for a beautiful place to live and to visit.

February 2018 Market Update ( Average Price) :               

Condo Apt.             Condo Townhouse       Detached

$841.286                 $998.000                   $1.245.000



Market update 2016 (Average price):           Condo Apt.             Condo Townhouse       Detached

                             First quarter :                         $534,433                 $904,417                    $1,161,792

                                                           Market update 2015.  (Lakeshore/Hurontario)  

                                               Condo Apt:           one bedrooms                        two bedrooms                             

                               List price (average) :          $446,272                                       $718,210

                               Sold price(average):         $398,938                                        $695,300


Neighborhood Profile ( Lakeshore And Hurontario)

(Based on Statistics Canada Census Dissemination Areas 2014)

Media age of Population : 37.80

Average Household Income  :  66,166

Share of Census Families with Children (%) : 26.29

Share of Population by Marital Status:

Married 44.53%

Single 29.22%

Share Population by Ethnic Origin:

European origins: 41.21 %

Other North American original: %

Asian origins: 21.33 %

Share of occupied Dwellings by Tenure:

Owned  31.40%

Rented 68.60%

Average  Price2015 :        

                                     Lakeshore/ Hurontario                       Mississauga Rd West / Lakeshore

Att/Row/Townhouse                      —–                                                             —–

Condo Townhouse                         $1,110,000                                              $394,167

Condo  3 bedrooms                      $1,770,333                                                 —–

Detached                                       $808,160                                                 $816,000

Semi-detached                              $999,900                                                    ——


Port Credit SS is one of the best secondary schools in Mississauga.

Riverside Public School
30 John St N, Mississauga, ON
Forest Avenue Public School
20 Forest Ave, Mississauga, ON
Applewood Rainbow Montessori School
24 Stavebank Rd, Mississauga, ON
International Music Academy
106 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON