No doubt if you’ve been keeping up on current events, you’ve heard a lot about a new app that’s been gaining a lot of publicity (both good and bad, I’m sure). This app is Pokemon Go, and it’s bringing an entirely new face to the real estate market.
For instance, House A has a Pokestop (think “Wi-Fi hotspot” but for virtual items and creatures), and House B does not. House A would be very likely to attract a large amount of the general populace due to the convenience of having a Pokestop very close by, whereas House B has far less interested clientele inquiring about the house.
This is an interesting concept to think about, and opens up a lot of possibilities…do we cater to the age group playing this game (young adults, college age) or the older generation who is less connected to trends and technology? Do we embrace this new virtual craze, or reject it in favor of a different market?
So far it seems as if this app is relatively harmless, but the question still remains…does this game bring a friendly face to real estate, or does it pose as a form of pixelated competition? Time can only tell, but I know one thing for sure — I hope to catch ’em all.