It’s Sunday and like many other sellers out there, you’ve decided to open up your home to potential buyers and looky-loos alike. An open house can be a fantastic way to generate an offer on your property, so speak to your realtor about whether or not an open house is right for you.

There are two styles of open houses to consider. First is an agent’s open house, whereby sales representatives visit your home and size it up for their prospective buyers. The second is a public open house, where the general public is invited to do a walk through of your home.

Before you start inviting everyone you know, it’s important to first brush up on some general etiquette rules to hosting an open house.

Declutter and clean. A decluttered room will look much larger and can help a buyer picture themselves living in your property. And tidying up is just par for the course, so don’t cut corners and make sure you show off your good housekeeping skills.

Signage. Signage. Signage. Ensure that there’s adequate signage in and around your neighbourhood and at major intersections. People can’t buy what they can’t find!

Open up and get out. While you may be curious to see who’s showed up, refrain from staying home on the day of the open house. Let your realtor host this one. Buyers aren’t comfortable talking about your home in front of you – put yourself in their shoes.

Find a sitter for Fido. It’s true that cute animals help sell mobile phones, but that’s not the case when it comes to selling your home. Buyers may be allergic, pets can be a distraction and it’s best not to highlight the fact that animals live there.  Make off-site arrangements for your beloved creatures that day.

Takeaways are key. Buyers often see multiple houses in one day, so make it easy for them to remember your place by offering a takeaway. This can be a simple colour printed flyer with photos of your home and key pieces of information like the house specs, pricing, monthly utility info and a list of nearby schools and amenities.