North Oakville is home to some of the most high-end urban subdivisions in Ontario. The fact that developments border on the rural has been influential in making this the perfect place to live.  People are clamoring to buy off-plan as builders attempt to keep up with the demand.

Ideal for couples to raise kids, the schools in North Oakville are some of Ontario’s finest.  Captain R.Wilson, Emily Carr and Joan of Arc are but a few of the multi-award winning schools. Teachers are diligently selected, as are the programmes offered and requirements for special learning met.  Safety is principal in this newer development of Oakville.  Social justice rules and programmes on bullying are provided to kids in schools and community centres.

Parks are countless and continually being built.  State of the art playgrounds and water parks are strategically planned amidst communities and schools.  The new neighbourhoods were intentionally built to be transit-friendly and walkable to amenities, schools and parklands.

Shopping is at arm’s length.  Strip malls are popular and convenient amidst the communities, and often encompass a doctor, pharmacy and dentist.  There are a variety of brand Supermarkets and just west on Dundas is the colossal Burloak Outdoor Mall with Silver City Cinema.  Transit offers a one bus commute to major shopping centres and direct to the Go.

Paramount to North Oakville is the building of the new 1.5 million square foot state of the art hospital.  It is a sure investment in the community’s healthcare and will create jobs and housing.  It will be the North’s crowning achievement.

What is unique to the north of Oakville is location.  With its close proximity to 16 Mile Creek, communities are surrounded by creeks and multiple trails where families can ride their bikes or take a hike and explore the never-ending pathways. Trails are an essential part of North Oakville to link the new communities, reduce reliance on roads, encourage walking and cycling, and control access into the Natural Heritage System.

A great community includes a mix of housing types along with parkland, open spaces, schools, recreation facilities, transit and amenities. This is North Oakville…