A very common complaint among homeowners is lack of storage. It doesn’t seem to matter how many cupboards and closets you have, household “stuff” always seems to be spilling over in at least one area of your home. Now that the fall season has arrived and we have a few weeks before holiday chaos begins, it’s a great time to tackle your storage issues and get organized.

It’s no astonishing revelation that disorganization causes stress. According to professional organizer and founder of the website www.clutterdiet.com, clutter around the home overworks your brain and creates conflict, which leads to stress. Establishing a place for everything will greatly reduce the amount of clutter lying around. Unfortunately, it won’t guarantee that your countertops will always be spotless and your mudroom gleaming but it should help out when it is time for cleaning up.

Here are some tips for making the most of the storage you do have and creating more where it’s needed.

Get some closet organizers – This is an investment that you will enjoy again and again. If your closets feature one, cavernous space with a single rod for hanging clothes and a single shelf above, custom organizers can help you maximize your space. Add additional rods at varying heights, shelves, wicker baskets for small items, storage for shoes, etc.

Buy some bins – Whether for winter gear, kids’ toys, books or office supplies, storage bins come in an assortment of attractive styles and materials so they can complement your home decor while keeping stuff out of sight.

Make the most of unused space – Your home might already have a few areas that could be manipulated to create more storage. The space under your staircase or an unfinished basement or attic could be renovated to provide a storage area. There is a cost involved but it’s certainly less expensive than moving, renting a storage unit or adding an addition. If you are finishing your basement or renovating, consider built-ins to make the most of the space between wall studs. It will add character and serve a purpose!

Furniture with double duty – Planning on buying new furniture? Choose pieces that do double duty – beds with understorage drawers or shelving, room dividers that act as bookshelves, kitchen islands with bottom cabinets, etc.