Certain homes just have that magic. You can feel it as soon as you walk in. It’s a space that somehow feels happy and you feel happy being there.

How can you make your home (whether it’s brand new or one you’ve had for years) have that same easy, blissful feel? It’s all about making it personal.

Bring art into all the rooms, even the bathroom! Hang paintings, prints, objects, or photography so that when you glance up from whatever you’re doing, something special will be there. Children can be a huge help with this. Children’s art has a special sweetness. If you’re worried it won’t work in your decor, get it professionally framed to fit. Elevating simple artwork like this adds incredible charm. Family photos can also be hung this way. Special times together, outings, family pets; all of these memories can be enjoyed daily. Have them printed in black and white to add elegance and try them with a black mat to create a dramatic style.

Just as artwork brings memories into a room, so do family heirlooms. So often, we worry about damaging these irreplaceable mementoes and keep them hidden away in storage, never allowing them to see the light of day. And never being appreciated and enjoyed. Antique pieces can bring a depth of character that really resonates, especially to a newer home. Use grandmother’s china in your day-to-day life, even if it’s only for macaroni and cheese!

Bring nature inside by adding live plants to your home. Display a vibrant, green leaf in a vase or vivid, yellow lemons in a glass bowl. Have children bring special objects home from a nature walk. Shadow boxes make wonderful display cases for these treasures. A clear glass vase filled with special pebbles, shells, a feather, or other natural gifts is beautiful in its simplicity.

And lastly, light some candles. Nothing says hearth and home better