When it comes time to move into a new home, many of us like to purchase new furniture. Perhaps it’s the allure of an empty space filled with so much potential and maybe even the chance to reinvent who we are a little.
Sofas are usually regarded as one of the most important pieces in a home. It’s where we visit with friends, watch TV and curl up with a good book.
Let’s look at what factors and trends you should consider when switching up your sofa.
To determine a sofa’s quality and comfort, Consumer Reports recommends the following pointers: Examine the construction, match the fabric with your lifestyle, and check the cleaning codes and safety labels. But most importantly… sit on the sofa before you buy! Don’t buy online, or from a catalogue without test-driving it in person first.
Sofa style is also important, so we looked to High Point Market’s Spring/Summer 2012 Market Style Report for some home furnishing trends on the horizon.
Sputnik Evolution
Space age design that looks both to the past and the future for inspiration, offering a ‘50s take on modern styling.
Vintage Bazaar
Heritage and whimsy are on offer with just a touch of kitsch, combining the best of antiquing with the eccentricity of a French flea market.
Year of the Dragon
Asian exotica is taking a sophisticated turn, showcasing sleek lines and chinoiserie chic alongside dragon and pagoda designs.
Classically Trained
Classic styling never goes out of vogue and a new resurgence of ancient inspirations has designers speaking Greek…and Latin.
Louis Louis
A resurgence in French Neoclassical with sleeker riffs on the distinctive details.
Pop of Art
Painterly themes are moving to modern art with pops of color and graphic styles.
Compelling Contrasts
Dark and light, black and white, bold and subtle – all are proof that opposites do attract.
Curves Ahead
Sharp edges and formal turns give way to more romantic curves.
A Passion for Purple
With hues ranging from lilac to plum.
Natural Notes 
Natural fibres are making their mark. Look for more grasses and fibres to weave their way into designs.