An early incarnation of cottage country, Long Branch was a popular destination, with Etobicoke Creek and its attractive shoreline keeping city folks cool in summer months. Houses south of Lake Shore Boulevard are more expensive than those to the north, where the landscaping and general maintenance tend to be better. Bungalows are the most common form of housing, but the region has its share of low-rise apartment buildings, a handful of new lakefront condos and mega-mansions along the water. Lake Promenade, which follows the shoreline, is the most upscale street, though a good number of the houses on the south side (their backyards directly on the shore) are quite modest. Despite the growing number of amenities (which include an extraordinary density of churches), the Lake Shore commercial strip has lagged over the last few decades as industry moved out of the area. But like other South Etobicoke ’hoods (Mimico, New Toronto), the area’s affordability has piqued the interest of young families, and the street’s showing signs of progress.

Market update 2016 (Average price):         Condo Apt.            Condo Townhouse           Detached

                               First quarter :                      $ 332,917              $                                   $794,621                   


                                                       Market update 2015.  ( Lake Shore Blvd )  

                                               Condo Apt:           one bedrooms                              two bedrooms                             

                               List price (average) :          $331,146                                            $401,294

                               Sold price(average):           $304,00                                             $395,978


                                         Neighborhood Ranking (assigning score out of 100)

Overall score 43.2

Schools score 67.6

Crime  score   71.8

Health & Environment 11.3

Transit 25.4

Employment 36.6

 (Based onToronto life Publishing Company)

Neighborhood Profile

(Based on Statistics Canada Census Dissemination Areas 2014)

Media age of Population : 40.74

Average Household Income  : $66.618

Share of Census Families with Children (%) : 34.20

Share of Population by Marital Status:

Married  39.66 %

Single 32,36%

Share Population by Ethnic Origin:

European origins: 64.08%

Other North American original: 15.31%

Asian origins: 15.50%

Share of occupied Dwellings by Tenure:

Owned  27.00%

Rented 73.00%


Average  Price 2015 :

Att/Row/ Townhouse    540.000

Condo Apt                                

Condo Townhouse   $509,667   

Detached                   $$813,794


Semi-Detached        $783,250

  • Long Branch3550 Lake Shore Boulevard West, 394-5320
  • James S. Bell Junior Middle School90 Thirty First Street, 394-7680
  • Christ the King3672 Lakeshore Boulevard West, 393-5257

Al Lago Ristorante
Owned and run by Abdul “Mike” Malik, this upmarket Italian resto doesn’t bother with menus. Ask for what you want, and if he doesn’t have it, Mike—who’s been here for 20 years—will suggest a substitution. 3423 Lake Shore Blvd. W., 416-253-0238.

Fairgrounds Roastery Cafe
Long Branch’s local café features organic and fair trade beans, along with free wi-fi. 3785 Lake Shore Blvd. W., 416-251-2233