As they say in real estate location is everything, and Mississauga is no exception to the rule.  Strategically located on the shore of Lake Ontario, Mississauga is a close neighbour of Toronto and an easy commute to Ontario’s cottage country!


Desirable for its innate beauty, Canada’s 6th largest city continues to grow in part due to the many benefits of local alone.  Home to Canada’s largest airport, Mississauga is perfectly situated for business and global travel.  Less than a 90 minute drive to the U.S. border not only allows for easy trade and commerce but also makes for an effortless visit to our southern neighbour.


A place to call home, simple access is paramount to leading a stress-free existence. The only city in the GTA serviced by seven major highways, Mississauga offers fast and


convenient access to where you are heading. The 401 passes through Mississauga with six interchanges within the City, while the QEW passes through enroute to downtown Toronto and to destinations in the GTA, cottage country and beyond.

Being a major city of commerce, Mississauga has 2 principle railways and direct access to all lake ports and to the Atlantic Ocean via the St. Lawrence Seaway.  And locally, MiWay is the way to get around town!  MiWay is the new Mississauga transit… the 3rd largest public transit system in Ontario serving multi-millions of riders per year. Its commuter rail services and planned network of rapid transit make for an ideal residence for most anyone.


Mississauga’s incomparable location and easy access offers residents multiple choices in housing, employment and leisure. For vacation or day off, one can take a restful drive to Ontario’s north or nearby Niagara Falls.  Should you decide to stay home, year round residents can walk, cycle or inline skate Mississauga’s extensive trail system.


Mississauga is a big, bold and beautiful city.  Its 480 parklands provide year round entertainment and simple pleasures.  And at the foot of it all lays its pinnacle; Port Credit, adorned by the shores of Lake Ontario. A destination unto itself, this village on the lake is abundant in charm and festivities. Mississauga – What a Location!