Lighting can be one of the most important features in home décor. Many people easily spend money on expensive furniture and art pieces to decorate their homes, but are unaware of the value perfect lighting brings. Today builders estimate that 35 per cent of building costs should be dedicated to lighting and customers agree. Regularly topping buyer’s lists of needs, lighting goes a long way to create a comfortable and welcoming mood to any home.

Curb Appeal
Lighting is your first opportunity to wow potential buyers. Greeting them the moment they arrive, bright lights create an image of a lavish and safe home. Bright lighting puts people at ease while accentuates features of the home. Real estate agents recommend turning all lights on with high watt, incandescent bulbs to welcome potential buyers.

Types of Lighting
There are three types of lighting that makeup the overall feel of your home.

  • Ambient Lighting is the general lighting that fills your home. Producing an overall glow it does not draw attention to itself instead blends into its surroundings.
  • Task Lighting is typically found in kitchens, offices and readings spaces. It creates the brightest lighting to allow for clear tasks completion.
  • Accent Lighting is used in featuring architecture and art around the home. Dramatic lighting meant to highlight areas, it is often found in foyers to welcome guests.

Let There Be Light

As winter days grow darker, lighting can play an important factor in your mood and overall health. Illuminating dark areas of your home will open spaces, making them appear more warm and welcoming. There are many cost efficient options you can do yourself to achieve this.

Track lighting is your easiest bet. Made of individual lamps installed on a track and mounted on your ceiling, track lighting is easy to install, reasonably priced and available in a variety of style.

Wall Scones are often used as mood lighting for hallways and bathrooms. They are easily installed and decoratively made.

Pendant lighting is ideal for kitchens and living rooms. Adding both brightness and elegance it often becomes a focal point of the room, such as a chandelier.

Recesses lighting is ideal for kitchens, hallways and family rooms. It is however best handled by an electrician, as it requires cutting holes in the ceiling, to insert the lights. This can be an expensive option, however it is very efficient