For planning purposes the neighbourhood is known officially by the City of Toronto as “Kingsway South” to differentiate it from a more recent extension of The Kingsway north of Dundas Street. “Kingsway South” does not enjoy popular usage owing to confusion with the South Kingsway, a busy street located east of the Humber River and extending south from Bloor Street.

The neighbourhood is predominantly residential with a mixed-use (commercial and residential) area along Bloor and Dundas Streets. The majority of the housing stock is single-family detached homes. There are apartment and condominium buildings near the Old Mill subway station, as well as in mixed-use buildings along Bloor and Dundas Streets. A rail line runs through the north-west quadrant of the neighbourhood. Parkland lines the banks of the Humber River and Mimico Creek.

                                                At The End Of  2017 (Average Price) 

                                        Condo Apt.(1 bedroom)                   Detached

                                                $530,000                                  $1,976,950


Market update 2016 (Average price):           Condo Apt.             Condo Townhouse         Detached

                               First quarter :                      $849,583                                –                         $1,450,740          

                                                                Market update 2015.  (Bloor/Old Mill) 

                                               Condo Apt:           one bedrooms                        two bedrooms                             

                               List price (average) :           $488,961                                          $1,314,805

                               Sold price(average):           $490,333                                         $930,978


                                         Neighborhood Ranking (assigning score out of 100)

Overall score 51.4

Schools score 1.4

Crime  score   96.5

Health & Environment 88.7

Transit 21.8

Employment 76.1

(Based on Toronto life Publishing Company)

Neighborhood Profile (Royal York/Bloor)

(Based on Statistics Canada Census Dissemination Areas 2014)

Media age of Population :                  43.17

Average Household Income  :         $262,585

Share of Census Families with Children (%) :  35,33

Share of Population by Marital Status:

Married           66.30%

Single               21.66%

Share Population by Ethnic Origin:

European origins              70.83%

Other North American Origins 23.70%

Asian origins                     7.44%

Share of occupied Dwellings by Tenure:

Owned      89.60%

Rented      10.14%

Average  Price 2015 :

Att/Row/ Townhouse         $1,159,000

Condo Apt                         $1,658,000 (3 bedrooms)

Condo Townhouse            —–

Detached                          $1,558,723


Semi-Detached                   $770,000


  • Kingsway College School an independent school affiliated with the Anglican Church, located at 4600 Dundas Street West.
  • Lambton-Kingsway Junior Middle School is a public elementary school on Prince Edward Drive, close to the intersection of Dundas Street West and Royal York Road. The present building opened in January 1993.
  • Our Lady of Sorrows Elementary School is a Catholic school situated on Montgomery Road near the intersection of Bloor Street and Royal York Road. Established in 1942 out of Etobicoke’s oldest parish, Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church, Kingsway. Our Lady of Sorrows once served much of the then largely rural, Etobicoke until post war urbanisation led to the creation of many new parishes to the north. Our Lady of Sorrows is now a feeder school for Bishop Allen Academy. The original school building was demolished from 2001 to 2002, and in 2003 the new school building was completed.
  • Bishop Allen Academy is a Catholic high school located on Royal York Rd.
  • Etobicoke Collegiate Institute (ECI) is a large high school, overseen by the Toronto District School Board. It was founded in the fall of 1928 and is one of Toronto’s oldest schools, the first and traditionally central school for Etobicoke.