Islington-City Centre West (also known as Six Points or Etobicoke City Centre) is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario,Canada. It is one of Toronto’s CBDs located in the former City of Etobicoke. Islington is bounded on the north by Rathburn Road, on the east by Kipling Avenue, Mimico Creek, and Islington Avenue, on the south by the Gardiner Expressway, and on the west by Etobicoke Creek and Highway 427.

Islington has a number of housing styles ranging from older, single family dwellings to apartment and condominium towers. Many of the older homes in the neighbourhood have been torn down and replaced with larger, more luxurious homes, particularly in the areas north of Dundas and east of Kipling. This is a trend that can be found all over older residential neighbourhoods in Toronto. The large lot sizes, mature trees and proximity to downtown Toronto is appealing to many would be residents. Dundas Street, between Islington and the Six Points interchange is currently undergoing change, with modern condominium developments under construction. Islington is quickly becoming one of West Toronto’s more affluent residential areas.

                                                          At The End Of  2017 (Average Price) 

                      Condo Apt. (1 bedroom)            Condo Townhouse           Detached

                              $397,508                                   $582,975                 $1,144,962                                                           


Market update 2016 (Average price):           Condo Apt.             Condo Townhouse           Detached

                               First quarter :                      $849,583                  $ 545,500                      $989,611 


                                                         Market update 2015.  (Islington/Bloor/Kipling)  

                                               Condo Apt:           one bedrooms                        two bedrooms                             

                               List price (average) :          $302,927                                         $380,175

                               Sold price(average):           $286,260                                         $373,801


                                         Neighborhood Ranking (assigning score out of 100)

Overall score 45.6

Schools score 1.4

Crime  score   14.8

Health & Environment 75.4

Transit 18.3

Employment 84.5

(Based on Toronto life Publishing Company)

Neighborhood Profile (Wedgewood Park area)

(Based on Statistics Canada Census Dissemination Areas 2014)

Media age of Population : 42.18

Average Household Income  : $125,035

Share of Census Families with Children (%) : 55.12

Share of Population by Marital Status:

Married  56.46 %

Single  21.77%

Share Population by Ethnic Origin:

European origins 67.83%

Other North American original 16.5%

Asian origins 8.86%

Share of occupied Dwellings by Tenure:

Owned  97.60%

Rented 2.40%

                                                                             Average  Price 2015:

                                          Bloor Street North                                        Bloor Street South

Att/Row/ Townhouse            $659,250                                                    $714,357

Condo Apt                               $270,000             3bedrooms                   $564,000

Condo Townhouse                $409,942                                                     $525,667

Detached                               $1,044,339                                                   $850,543

Link                                         ——                                                               —-

 Semi-Detached                    ——-                                                           $758,950


  • Etobicoke Collegiate Institute is a public secular high school on Montgomery Road, founded in 1928.
  • Islington Junior Middle School is a public elementary school on Cordova Avenue. It is the oldest elementary school in the former borough of Etobicoke.
  • Our Lady of Peace Catholic Elementary School
  • Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Elementary School
  • Michael Power/St. Joseph High School|Michael Power High School (all boys) and St. Joseph’s Islington High School (all girls)