Lighting has so much on its to-do list. It lights the way for safety’s sake, and it allows you to see the smallest of details. It illuminates when it’s needed and creates ambiance by its subdued presence. But it can also be jarring when its too bright and frustrating when its not.

It’s a must have for every room inside your home and outside of it, so here’s a guide to help you see clearly just what type of lighting will work best in certain situations and environments.

It’s very likely that every room needs dimmer switches and these two types of lighting: direct or task lighting, which focuses on a specific workspace and ambient or indirect lighting, which does the opposite, radiating light ever so slightly.

Direct lighting is vital as:

  • Kitchen counter lighting shedding some vital light where cooking is underway.
  • Motion-activated lights in the driveway or at entryways are deterrents for intruders and turn cavernous closets into friendlier spaces.
  • Reading lamps let you do just that, in the living room as a floor lamp, or table lamp on the bedroom nightstand.
  • By the bathroom mirror task lighting is necessary to guarantee best results from your daily grooming routine.

Ambient lighting comes from:

  • Floodlights, casting a glow indoors and out, drawing the eye up or down and focusing attention on a favourite tree or wall painting in the living room.
  • Rope lighting does double duty too, along a fence or tree trunk or indoors under the kitchen counter or bookshelf.
  • An exterior wall sconce will wash lighting on your house number or highlight architectural features. Indoors they’ll do the same in a hallway or dining room.
  • Nightlights are ideal for the bathroom and children’s rooms to navigate your way when the house is dark and keep the bogeyman at bay.
  • Pot lighting in ceilings that are put on a dimmer switch, do the work of both, illuminating a room to tackle chores and later to quiet the space.

Take advantage of the design experts in your local lighting shop who can help you make the best choices ranging from halogen to incandescent to fixtures and wattage.