So you finally bought it, you’ve be eyeing them for months deciding between pixel counts and screen size, sorting through the endless features of HDTV, LED, LCD and Plasma TV systems, and now it’s finally yours. The only trouble now is how do you hang your new stylish flat screen TV? Floating anchors and wireless cables will accentuate your sleek new purchase while maintaining the sophistication of your living room.

Choosing the right mount
With so many options when it comes to mounting your flat screen, you really have to decide on the look of your room. To make the most of your luxurious purchase, stay away from bulky television stands and expensive entertainment centres. Simple wall mounts give the room a polished look.

Fixed, non-adjustable mounts will hold the television tight to the wall, but can limit how high the flat screen may be mounted. Televisions should rest at eye level for a seated viewing position. Floating or tilt-swivel mounts have the television rest further from the wall, but allow for higher installation, without compromising viewing. Side to side rotation can extend up to 90 degrees, while vertical tilts broaden up to 15 degrees, making for comfortable viewing from any position. When choosing a wall mount carefully gauge wall structures. Bigger televisions such as 60 inches or more, are harder to support. Anchors must hold five times the weight of what you are mounting.

Wiring Troubles Solved
Finally you must account for wiring. Nothing says do-it-yourself quite like distracting wires hanging down your wall. While most buildings codes will not permit you to bury wires and cords in the walls, a chic look is still attainable. New wireless technology, compatible with most flat screen TVs, is your solution. Installing wireless cable to both your flat screen and wireless transmitter into your cable box, your TV will pick up cable signals within a 20 foot radius, keeping your picture clear and your look perfected.