Marsala is a fortified wine, similar to port or sherry, that hails from the Italian city of Marsala. It is this rich, earthy wine that lends its name to the equally rich and earthy colour of the year – marsala!
We have already started to see marsala shades in handbags, nail polish and lipstick. Soon, it will adorn accent cushions, graphic area rugs, and more.
This is a bold but warm red that you can live with. For the adventurous, marsala can be used as an anchor colour in any room – an accent wall, a carpet, bedding. Wrap your room in marsala for the rich but warm drama.
For the more restrained palate, sprinkle liberal amounts of marsala accents in a more neutral colour scheme. Accent pillows, a cozy throw, some scented candles – these will all contribute to the sensual enticement of 2015’s choice of colour.
Still grounded in earthy brown, this red brings a sophistication that more flashy hues may have lacked. It looks fantastic in candlelight in a dining room, elegant in a living room and warm and enveloping in a main bedroom.
Marsala looks best paired with other warm hues, such as warm taupes or rich beiges. It looks great with ethnic or bohemian styling, but can easily warm up contemporary designs as well.