A backyard ice rink is not only a favourite Canadian tradition it is also a great way to enjoy the wonderful winter weather with family and friends. Ice rink building traditionally begins on Boxing Day and is a great family project, making you and your kids proud to skate on an ice rink you all helped to create!

Rink Building Kits

If your goal is creating the best rink on the block, you may want to invest in a rink building kit. Sold online and in home improvement or department stores, these kits include complete instructions, rink liners and all the supplies you need. Promising simple set up, they even adapt to uneven grounds. Prices vary depending on design, ranging from $200 to $1,300.

Bare Essentials

Many beautiful ice rinks have been built with only packed snow, a shovel and a hose. Often the more popular option, this allows you to customize the shape of your rink to get the most out of your backyard space.

Get Building 

1. Once you have decided on your base, clear the area of debris to ensure a smooth surface and avoid melting on warmer winter days.

2. Pack the snow that will form the base of your rink tightly. To create a border for your rink edge the outline with a shovel, densely packing the snow.

3. After creating a strong foundation, begin to fill your space with water.

4. Using a fine mist, fill your rink with 1 inch of water per day. (Remember every extra layer of ice you build will mean longer skating into the spring.)

5. Always shovel your rink after each snowfall to keep a smooth surface.

6. Consider hanging Christmas lights in the trees surrounding your rink for nighttime skating.

7. Lace your skates and enjoy your new rink!