Selling a home in a buyers’ market can be stressful. And these days, even in a sellers’ market you can’t take anything for granted; the market may change quickly and dramatically. But flexibility and thoroughness can help make your selling experience positive.

Keep your price expectations realistic. Your real estate agent will find market comparables showing what houses in your area sold for and how long they spent on the market. The market determines the price—not you. Don’t worry if this year isn’t like last year. Focus on today.

You can, however, help your home sell faster. Prepare for offers with conditions, and be flexible about closing, or even moving, dates. A home inspection may identify potential problems you may not be aware of and can fix before listing. Listen. List. Show flexibility. And the experience can still be a positive one.

                                                                                         Average price 2019

                                                         Detached home ( 3 bedrooms)           Condo unit ( 2 bedrooms)


Junction                                                       $1,218,250                                    $803,333

Toronto West (High Park)                         $1,649,423                                    $732,358

Mimico                                                        $993,167                                        $635,625

Etobicoke ( Royal York/Eglinton)            $1,199,875                                      $588,000

Etobicoke (Centennial Park)                    $958,056                                        $445,744

Mississauga (Applewood)                       $968,429                                          $402,056

Mississauga      (Erin Mills)                      $943,514                                           $687,980

Mississauga ( Clarkson )                          $877,167                                          $491,777

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