Having a home security system not only makes you feel safer and provides peace of mind since it adds increased protection for your family, but did you know it also adds value to your home?

Security systems improve the potential selling price of your house as it is an added feature and incentive to potential buyers when it comes time to put your property up on the market. The most obvious benefit of installing a security system for the homeowner is increased security and protection, but did you know it can also save you money on home insurance, especially monitored alarm systems?
Insurance companies may offer up to 5 per cent off your home insurance costs if you installed a non-monitored alarm system, and possibly a discount of 10 – 15 per cent for alarm systems connected to a central monitoring station. As well, if an alarm also monitors burglary and fire, you could receive up to a 20 per cent discount on home insurance.

Systems that are plugged directly into your local emergency response system or a monitoring company tend to add more value than systems that are stand-alone. It is a great feature to select a system that is monitored by satellite. This way you’ll have security all of the time, even through a power outage or when phone lines are down.

When a buyer who was already anticipating the cost of adding a security system is shown your house that has an existing one, this could provide the extra incentive needed for them to purchase your home. And sometimes, the thought of adding in an alarm system for some homeowners is overwhelming. Having one already installed is one less thing for the new homeowner to do.