If you’ve just purchased a new property, part of the fun is choosing exactly the right décor to make your space your own. But mistakes can be time consuming and costly. Fortunately, there are some great apps that help you navigate the decorating jungle.

Available for both iPhone and Android, Houzz is the coolest design app to hit smartphones since Pinterest. Offering a vast array of stunning photos of every room in a home, it allows you to create a custom database of your favourite elements. The images are tagged, so if you need that exact item, you can find out where to buy it. Houzz also provides a list of pros to hire by area and a useful advice area.

BrightNest is a hot free new app just launched at the end of March. Now available for both iPhone and Android, BrightNest is a perfect helper for both first-time and seasoned homeowners that wants a bit of maintenance guidance. BrightNest provides tips and reminders of household chores, like cleaning gutters, but also neat décor tips, like how to use chalk paint or mason jars – or both! Its friendly, colourful interface has a youthful appeal and the tips for quick cleaning and fun decorating projects are customizable to your particular lifestyle.

Have you ever seen the perfect colour, but were never able to find it at the paint store? Maybe the shell pink you always wanted on a magnolia, or the perfect blue on a neighbour’s porch? Now there’s an app to capture that colour and take it with you. Benjamin Moore’s Color Capture and Sherwin Williams’ ColorSnap are both excellent and easy to use apps that snap pics of whatever colour you love so you can reproduce it in paint. Both are free and available for both platforms.