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Selling process is not only placing a listing on the MLS!

Selling Process:

  • Discussing the reason for wanting to sell your home, going over the financial situation, and taking a look at prospects for future home purchases (if any). Your expectations will be transferred into visual figures.
  • Advising and teaching you on the process of sale, including preparing your home for the sale, effective marketing, and assisting in presenting the offer. The entire documentation process will be explained in order to protect you from stressful situations.
  • Correctly estimating the value of your home, taking into account statistical data of the current pricing in your area.
  • The Sales Representative does not determine what your home is worth, the market determines value. Together, we determine the listing price.
  • Preparing your home For Viewings.
  • First impressions are lasting impressions. You will want to be sure that both sales representative and buyers viewing your home are left with the best possible impression.
  • As soon as a home comes on the market, there is a flurry of activity surrounding it. This is the crucial time when Sales Representative and potential Buyers take notice. If the home is overpriced, it doesn’t take long for potential Buyer’s to lose interest. I follow up this process.
  •  Marketing  your property for all it’s worth is one of my key responsibilities.
  • I make every effort to ensure that any of the Purchaser’s I show your home to are financially capable of buying your home. The last thing you need is to get all the way to the closing of your sale only to find out the Purchaser cannot close the transaction and buy your home!
  • I do keep complete control over who is showing your home and when.
  • If the offer was submitted by a co-operating Brokerage, I will present it in a meeting with you and sales representative.
  • I will walk you through the language of the offer, step-by-step, to ensure the details of your property are listed accurately and that you understand the offer completely.
  • All offers are negotiated on an offer presentation date and are discussed with you in great detail, taking into account your needs and desires.
  • As your selling agent, I am personally interested in selling your home at the best price possible!

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