We’ve all heard that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. But a small bathroom doesn’t have to be a big problem.
For a main bathroom, sticking to clean lines and light, fresh colours are a good bet. Wall-mounted fixtures give a sense of openness and added floor space. And they make mopping a breeze! There are so many design options as well, from contemporary to traditional and everything in between. Keep height in mind when installing tiling and consider adding a tile detail, like a glass mosaic banding, a bit higher than you might normally to give an added sense of height. Horizontal tiles, like a classic subway tile, also give the illusion of more visual space. A clear vessel sink might also be a good idea. You can play with colour, texture and shape and the translucency will help keep the space feeling open.
Consider looking at smaller-scale fixtures. A modest-sized shower stall with great tile work is a better investment than trying to fit in a larger sized unit that dwarfs the available floor space.
Think about lighting. Letting as much natural light in as possible makes any space feel open and airy. Consider a skylight or a solar tube to let the sun shine in.
Small powder rooms offer a different design opportunity. Since powder rooms are only used for a short time and are usually in the main area of the home, they offer a perfect chance to play! In these small spaces, consider making a statement. Go bold with colour or try patterned wallpaper. Keep expensive-to-replace features, such as tilework, in a more neutral palette and then dress up the walls and accessories.
With a few smart choices, your tiny bathroom could be the jewel of your home.