After a long, snowy winter, your garden is likely in need of some serious TLC. Even if gardening is not what you’d consider an enjoyable summer chore, it’s wise to keep your landscaping nicely groomed. After all, creating good curb appeal is something every homeowner should strive for.

Set aside one weekend this month to revamp your gardens. It really doesn’t take much to get them looking terrific, so don’t feel overwhelmed. One important key to this process is starting with a plan intact. You want to make sure you have your design laid out and the proper materials on hand before you begin.

Make a quick sketch of your existing garden to help you create a new plan. Mark the areas of the garden that get the most sunlight. Research the type of soil needed and which plants should go where (based on sun exposure and blooming schedule). Also designate which plants you’d like to keep and which ones you plan to remove. Dig up plants that are dead, damaged or diseased and consider transplanting any that have outgrown their space. If you’re unsure about anything, a few minutes with a garden centre expert should answer any questions you may have.

Once you have a plan laid out and your materials collected, you are ready to get started. Tackle the tough, messy jobs first. Cultivate the soil before planting. It is important to build a good foundation for your garden. Blend compost, peat moss or other organic matter and a low nitrogen slow release fertilizer into the top six to eight inches of the soil. Plant flowers and perennials according to your plan. Adding a top layer of mulch will keep garden beds neat and tidy while preventing weeds.

You also might want to incorporate a new path or patio in your garden space or fix up an existing one. Gravel is an easy cover-up for an aging patio.

The very last step to a garden makeover is adding some personal style. Find a bird bath, buy some terra cotta planters, add some landscape lighting or a relaxing water feature. The options are endless!