Buying a home is big investment for most of us. This investment is not only the money, but also an investment in the wealth and health of your family and relationships.

One of the first things to look at when entering the home is the main doorway and foyer.  What do you see when you first open the door? Is it a stove in the kitchen, the back door, a toilet or a staircase?  Looking directly at a stove may result in confrontational feelings when dealing with other household members. If the view is of the back door, then energy is rushing straight through the main door and out the back without meandering and filling the rest of your home with beneficial chi (energy).  If it’s a toilet in a bathroom that is visible then your energy may feel drained as soon as you walk in. A staircase directly in front of the main door (and within 4 feet of the door) means your money luck is constantly flowing out the main door.  These examples are not considered “optimal” Feng Shui but don’t worry, there are things you can do to improve the energy flow in any home.

The center of the home should be grounded.  There shouldn’t be a toilet or a spiral staircase in the very center of your home’s floor plan or there may be a downward spiraling vortex of energy.  If there is, then you can stabilize the energy by using the Earth Element. The Earth Element could be represented by a colour such as brown, beige, orange or yellow. Other examples of Earth Elements are things made of ceramic, earthenware, stucco or things in the shape of a square or rectangle.

Another important thing to look for in a home are low, heavy overhead beams or sloped ceilings in the bedrooms.  This can cause unsettling dreams or lack of sleep.  An easy solution is to paint the beams or ceilings a very light colour or white.

Remember, you don’t have to have a 100% Feng Shui compliant home. If you find a home or make improvements to address 70% of the concerns to make your home “Feng Shui Compatible” then you are off to a good start.  To make sure the home or property you are buying is “Feng Shui Compliant”, get a 200+ Feng Shui Inspection from the only Feng Shui Home Inspectors in Canada, They will provide you a comprehensive report, identifying Feng Shui concerns and provide cost effective recommendations to address any Feng Shui issues they identify. Once the provided recommendations are completed, The Feng Shui Inspection Group can also provide Certification that the property has been made compliant with the principles of Feng Shui. 

Happy house hunting!

Sharon Hay international