Garden feng shui is an important aspect of feng shui practice, for it is here that the quality of the energy that surrounds our living space is determined. If you can ensure that the feng shui that surrounds the exterior of your home is favourable, then the auspicious energies that are created will directly influence the feng shui inside of the home.

Yin qualities are important in a garden to help one feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. You may utilize things from this Yin List:  low lying plants or vines, dark coloured patio furniture or pads, succulent plants, softness, curvy lines or non-fruit-bearing trees or shrubs.  Yang qualities are also important to maintain balance and harmony.  You can select a certain area of the backyard to activate wealth with yang qualities. Utilizing things from this Yang List: tall trees or fences, brightly coloured flowers or funiture, the colour red, straight lines and fruit or flower bearing trees or shrubs.
One of the best areas of the backyard to initiate Yang Qualities for Wealth is the back left-hand corner of the property (facing away from the home).  It would be advantageous to have a fruit-bearing tree or shrub here.  Other good ideas include brightly coloured flags or a metal mobile, a cherub or figurines. Sculptures of people can also be used along with lighting and a straight pathway directly to the house where you want the wealth to flow.  You could also activate the area by inviting nature with a birdbath or birdfeeder.

Water is the symbol of wealth and abundance.  If you have room you could add a fish or lily pond in the back left corner of the backyard. However, make sure the water flows towards your home and not away from it.  Also aways keep it clean. Stagnant water represents stagnant finances.

You can be as creative as you wish and change your garden arrangement or choice of plants often as you wish.

Feng Shui will bring you opportunities for a healthier, more prosperous and happier life, however you must reach out and work at transforming these opportunities into tangible manifestations of good fortune.