Fresh clean breeze (feng), gentle clear running water (shui), sunlight, rocks and green plants are important elements for beautiful yard and garden design. 

The ancient Chinese art of positioning objects in a garden, including garden furniture, plants, bridges, rocks and garden decorations, is based on a belief that patterns of yin and yang and the flow of chi create positive and negative effects.

Good Feng Shui garden design creates a peaceful, quiet and clean eco environment. A garden should be far from industrial sites and well protected from major road noise or pollution. Polluted places destroy the energy that brings good opportunities. 

Chinese garden design inspiration

According to Feng Shui garden desing principles, backyard landscaping should include a natural barrier for protection and privacy. Your garden or backyard must be surrounded by a natural or fabricated fence or barrier that reduces noise and forceful winds.

Good Feng Shui garden design and backyard landscaping should include elements that help create a sense of security and comfort. Large rocks, stone walls and rock gardens are beautiful and modern garden ideas. Trees and bushes, combined for designing a natural fence, or an artificial fence, decorated with green plants and flowers, can be used as an attractive and functional natural barrier for your garden as well.

In ancient times the Chinese built their villages in the valleys between the mountains. Their farms prospered, because of the natural barrier, which protected crops and livestock from strong cold winds and attacks of enemies.

The energy flow Chi, the life force in Feng Shui, is everywhere. Good design and backyard landscaping in compliance with Feng Shui will create open spaces with shrubs, small plants and flowers that allow free flow of the energy.

It is important to create an open area in front of the main house door to allow the Chi energy to flow freely inside and around the house, bringing positive changes. Do not plant large trees close to the front door. Good Feng Shui garden design and backyard decorating ideas should create a space that is simple, open and welcoming.

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