Moving into a smaller space means tackling your excesses and either finding a new home for it or ditching it for good.

Saying sayonara to your unnecessary stuff requires a ruthless attitude, steady effort in the months up to the move and a plan for which items you’ll keep to occupy your new abode.

It’s a good idea to start with the latter. Take photos of every room in your new digs, from as many angles as you can for each, and measure every bit of living space.

Lay out on paper where your existing big pieces of furniture (that take up floor space) will go: bed(s), couch, chairs, area rugs, cabinets, dressers, night tables kitchen/dining table and the like.

Now that you have a vision for your new home, you’ll have an easier time getting rid of the rest of the furniture that just won’t fit.

If you’re moving from a house to a condo, clear out the garage and shed because you won’t need a lawn mower, gardening tools, power tools or snow shovels.

Have a garage sale, contact a second hand shop, auction it or donate it.

For the little stuff: knick-knacks, small appliances, chairs, clothes, shoes and the like, put into the outgoing pile anything that you haven’t used in the last two years. For the sentimental stuff, like keepsakes, photos and kids art work some tough decisions lie ahead.

As soon as you sign the paper work that makes your move official, start thinning out your belongings. Schedule time weekly to go through junk drawers, cupboards, closets and filing cabinets.

Label four bins or heavy-duty garbage bags with ‘To Keep’, ‘To Discard’, ‘To Sell’ and ‘To Give Away’ and sort as you go. When they’re full remove to their respective destinations and start again.

A less cluttered abode makes it easier to clean, move around and treasure the things that really matter to you. And once you’ve moved, make sure you abide by the one-in, one-out rule — when you buy something, you have to get rid of something you already have. It’ll keep you from overcrowding your new small space.