As we get older, most people find that it’s the simple things that bring the greatest pleasure. When you become a homeowner, accomplishing goals around the house is something that can bring an enormous sense of satisfaction. And if you’re the type who loves to get organized, creating the walk-in closet of your dreams is an aspiration you might be striving for.

Here are a few tips for adding some luxurious flare to your closet as well as some common mistakes to watch out for.

1. Splurge on a deluxe shelving system, complete with drawers, tilt-out hampers, an island, double-tiered rods, decorative doors, shoe displays, belt and tie racks – the sky is the limit.

2. Use a bold paint colour or striking wallpaper. Purple or gold are very regal colours.

3. If space doesn’t allow for an island, find the perfect ottoman. It will not only serve a practical purpose, but helps create the look of luxury as well.

4. Make a statement with lighting. Closets often do not receive any natural light, so it’s particularly important to replace your standard light fixture with a higher end model. A small chandelier will add some elegant opulence.

5. Add a full-length mirror to serve a dual purpose – admiring your outfits and make the space appear larger!

6. Finish it all off with crown moulding. Nothing makes a room look more complete!

Finally, here are a few mistakes closet organization experts warn against:

1. Using mismatched hangers. Having one style of hangar will add unity to the space.

2. Forgetting to declutter. Get rid of the clothing, footwear and accessories you haven’t worn in over 12 months.

3. Tucking items out of sight. Everything in your closet should be visible and accessible – or you won’t wear it!

4. Failing to establish a system. While colour coding may be a tad extreme for some, you should have a specific area for shirts, pants, dresses etc.