The entrance area of your home, whether you call it a foyer, hallway, vestibule or just the front door, is the first thing guests see when they arrive.  Ideally, a foyer should be well-lit without a lot of clutter, offer ample storage and include a few décor elements that set the stage for your entire home.

Functionality is key. No matter how large or small your space is, you need to find a way to make things work for your family. Functionality is all about working with what you have. Adding small trays under shoe shelves will prevents the mess of dirt or slush on your floors. A basket of slippers is a comfy reminder for guests to remove their shoes. Small changes can create a tidier space, and give your style room to shine. While there’s a lot to be said about functionality, if you can’t stand the look of it, it won’t last long in your home. Keep this in mind when purchasing storage bins and organizers – there are so many attractive pieces out there that you don’t have to settle for those awful white wire racks.

Make the most of your space. Use every inch of your closet space with shelving and shoe racks – they are easy ways to keep your essentials up off the floor and out of the way. Adding hooks and extra shelving inside closets make coats, shoes and winter gear more accessible, without compromising style. A refurbished armoire or stylish cubby bench will allow you to organize your belongings while adding an artistic feel. They can also act seating for guests to put on shoes or have a moments rest.

Add some style. This is your opportunity to add some flair and a great place to start is with lighting. Not all homes will have an electrical outlet in their front foyer for a small lamp but there is always a spot for a lighting fixture. Save up and splurge on that chandelier you’ve been eyeing – it’s one place in your home where it’s sure to be noticed! A cute designed mirror is also a practical addition to a front foyer.

Remember, you want this space to be stylish yet welcoming. It’s a high traffic area so it is important to maintain the functionality of the area. Finding a balance between style and functionality will leave your visitors with that wow factor, without tripping over shoes.