Love the idea of introducing a garden to your living space, but don’t have a large yard? No problem! Gardening is a pastime that is readily available to everyone and a container garden may suit your needs if you have a patio, deck or balcony.
Here are some easy to follow steps to create your own container garden at home:
Choose containers
There are many different styles to choose from including hanging baskets, window boxes and pots. Make sure there is a drainage hole in the bottom to let extra water escape easily as few plants can survive soggy conditions. The style of your containers should match the design theme that runs through the rest of your home. Most decorators suggest that home décor should carry through the entire house, from the front of the house through to the back yard or patio.
Mix it up
Choose a mix of flowers, plants, herbs or vegetables. There are some obvious rules that apply, like not combining sun-loving plants with shade-loving varieties. Choosing plants that have been bred for small spaces is the smart choice. Get creative and experiment with colour and create interest by combining different sizes, shapes and textures.
Choosing the right soil
First choose the right potting soil. A lot of gardening soils contain too much clay for container gardening. Opt for something more porous like a potting soil that was made specifically for container gardening. Keep in mind that it’s important to fertilize since most planting mixes do not contain plant food so you must regularly apply fertilizer.
Water regularly
Container plants need to be watered moor often than a traditional garden so be sure to maintain a regular watering schedule. During those long summer dry spells, you’ll likely need to water your garden daily. You’ll know that you’ve given a plant enough water once you see water coming out of the bottom of the pot.
There are some definite benefits to selecting the container gardening method. Not only can you move the containers around to different locations throughout the spring and summer months, some gardeners even bring their plants indoors during cooler months to keep the plants alive throughout the entire year. And when it’s time to move, simply transport your ports to your new home – it’s as easy as that.