For some homeowners, their decorating style includes sleek modern furniture and subdued cool colours. Others try to keep to the classics and lean towards warm hues. However, no home is just one singular style. Every house is a blend of old, new and re-purposed furniture that all comes together to make a home reflect you.

Most homes include a few items that have been passed down from family and treasured art projects your kids have created. You most likely want to display those elements with pride. The difficulty comes when you try to integrate two different styles into one space. People want to keep sentimental items out in the open, but oftentimes they end up hiding them in basements or in storage cabinets as a last resort.

Home décor experts have the following advice to integrate old and new décor:

Reupholster vintage furniture: That sofa or chair you sat on as a child has now found its place in your home. An easy way to make the furniture look new again is to reupholster the item, or buy a new slipcover. Determine which room you would like to put the reclaimed furniture in, and then use the design cues from that room to determine a new color for the piece. The item will look completely new, and adding a few throw pillows will also help the piece look updated.

Organize art: Artwork doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Paintings by children can liven a room and add colour to a muted space. Unfortunately, most of your kids’ creations are displayed on the fridge for a few days before being stuffed in a drawer, instead of taking center stage. One way to display the artwork while still keeping in sync with the style of the home, is to frame the drawing in a unique way that complements the room. For example, in the kitchen, use a fork and knife frame to shows off your child’s drawing of spaghetti.

Colour matters: No matter which element is introduced to a room, colour matters. Whether that means using an antique item to add a pop of colour or changing the hue of an older item to fit in with the current theme. All items can fit into a room perfectly, as long as the colour does not completely clash with the current décor. Looking to find a home for an old flowerpot from your grandmother that is a beautiful teal blue? Add it to your yellow bathroom as an unexpected pop of colour.

Restore and re-use: An old cabinet or table can look tired when the paint is chipped and the color is dull. Restore old furniture items by sanding them down and applying a fresh coat of paint. To add an even more modern twist, add an element of texture by adding a touch of glitter to the paint, or finishing the revamp with a bead, shell or button design.