The decision to hire a professional to help you with home improvements can be quite costly, and many wonder if they are not able to perform this work themselves. While many projects can be done by homeowners, it is important to recognize your limitations. Electrical work is commonly acknowledged as one of these limitations. Likely your home will be the biggest investment you will ever make. It will house you, your family and your future, and as such it is your responsibility to ensure all electrical work is safe, up to code and done by a professional.

Leave it to the Pro’s

A certified electrician will have a valid ECRA/ ESA Electrical Contractors license and will work within the parameters of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.
A Master Electrician designation ensures recipients are both qualified and experienced within all areas of their profession.
Responsible for all permits, safety codes and building codes, a certified electrician’s work is fully insured and a must for home inspections and home insurance.
Electricians are required to re-certify their licences throughout their careers to ensure they are knowledgeable about new technologies, products and safety codes.
Peace of Mind
Poor wiring can lead to damaged appliances and voided warranties. More than this, faulty wiring is also the leading cause of house fires. A certified electrician will allow you to rest easy knowing you are providing a safe home for you and your family.
Legally electrical work must be examined and approved by a home inspector. Uninspected work can void your home insurance, and in case of an accident, such as fire, you could be left with no coverage at all.
Permits must be filed for all home renovations. Depending on building and municipal bylaws, all work must be stated before the project begins, and then certified once completed.
A certified electrician will be aware off building and safety codes pertinent to your project and will satisfy these requirements as part of their work. Regulations are very particular, and you don’t want a project put on hold due to misfiled paperwork.
Don’t take chances with electrical work. Choosing a Master Electrician to complete your home improvements is choosing the safe way to maintain your home investment and most importantly keep your family safe.