If your bathroom is looking tired and outdated, it could be time to give it some renovation love. But don’t fret, there are many small fixes you can make that won’t break the bank. Read on for some handy budget bathroom upgrade ideas.

Replace Countertop Accessories
By simply switching your toothbrush holder, soap dish and tray for your cosmetics you can freshen up the room. Look for unique pieces that aren’t necessarily traditional bathroom accessories. For example, a beautiful hand painted bowl or simple mason jar can add interest and complete the look for your new spa oasis.

Update the Hardware
Install new cabinet hardware to create an instant facelift. These days big box home improvement stores have many stylish options so there’s no need to buy costly custom-made pieces.

Freshen the Paint
One of the most affordable and impactful DIY projects is to add a fresh coat of paint to the walls or hardwood floors. Change up the current colour scheme to make the room feel new and be sure to choose mold proof and mildew proof primers and paints. You can also consider adding inexpensive wall decals to change up the look without committing to a paint job.

Introduce Furniture
By simply adding at table lamp or side table to the bathroom you can instantly add sophistication. Take a trip to an antique market to find fabulous cabinets, lamps and other pieces.

Time for Tile
Adding tile can be pricey – especially if your favourite types include mosaic or hand-painted varieties. To keep the cost down add mostly field tiles and then break it up with a pattern of mosaic to create a glamorous accent.

Mirrors are a Must
An outdated medicine cabinet or mirror can really drag down the look of your bathroom. Replace it with a large mirror with a frame that ties into the rest of your design theme. And remember, the larger the mirror the more light is let in and the larger your room will feel.

Fixture Upgrade
If you must replace your main fixtures consider buying them in white. Toilets, sinks and tubs generally cost less than coloured varieties because manufacturers make more of these.

Shower Shake-up
Get rid of that old shower curtain and while you’re at it treat yourself to a new liner as well. And in few hours you can replace your showerhead and fixtures to give them a unified and more modern look.