Purchasing a home with a significant other requires patience, cooperation and most of all, compromise. Deciding on what constitutes the perfect home is bound to bring up some varying opinions. The same goes for choosing a décor style for your home. Will it be minimalist and sleek or traditional and cozy? Oftentimes, what works best to create a style that is unique and “feels like home” is a combination of both your tastes.

Here are some tips for keeping the peace if a war of décor arises in your home:

1. Talk it out. You’ve heard the expression ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’… this statement rings particularly true when choosing everything from paint colour to furniture for your home. Things can easily get lost in translation when you’re describing the yellow hue you’re envisioning for your kitchen or the Victorian-era headboard you’ve always dreamed of. By showing your spouse a photo of a decorated room that includes your desired look, they will have a much clearer understanding and may actually get on board with your idea!

2. Blending is better. Just as your significant other brings out the best in your personality, their taste may bring out the best in yours! Despite your penchant for, say, purple, a room decked out in lavender from floor to ceiling might be a bit much. If you have chosen a fabulous purple armchair and throw pillows, let your spouse select a complementary area rug and lampshade.

3. Write things down. If there is one room or area of your home that you simply cannot decide on a style for, sit down separately and jot down five things that you would love to see in the room, whether it’s the paint colour, a piece of furniture, art work or accessories. Then join forces to make a list of five things you both want for the room – it doesn’t necessarily have to be an item or colour palette. It can be something as simple as the emotion you would like the room to evoke when you’re in it. The sit down with all three lists and start making some decisions. Each partner can veto one idea that they absolutely can’t live with and each should get to include at least one idea from their list. If you cannot reach middle ground, wait a few days or weeks and return to your lists to see if your opinions have changed. If all else fails, consider hiring an interior decorator to help mediate the process.