An open house can be a very effective measure in selling your home quickly and for a fair price. Rather than individual showings on multiple days, an open house is a scheduled event that your realtor will likely advertise in the local paper and on MLS. It will hopefully bring in several interested parties, giving them an opportunity to tour your home and ask your realtor any questions.

Most people have heard of public open houses, which anyone is welcome to attend. A second type of open house is referred to as an agent’s open house. This is when real estate agents from the real estate board are invited to your home, keeping their own clients in mind.

Both types of open houses present an excellent opportunity to show off your home. Your realtor does the work and you are simply required to vacate the premises for the duration. There are, however, a number of things that you, the seller, should do in order to show your home at its maximum potential.

Clean, clean, clean. Nothing is more appealing to prospective buyers than a tidy, well-cared for home. Make sure that there are no dishes in the sink, the countertops are wiped clean, the floors are swept, carpets vacuumed, beds are made and bathrooms clean. The same goes for the exterior of your home. Have your recycling bins and garbage cans neatly stacked in the garage or at the side of your home, put bikes away and keep the driveway and front walk cleared of snow and debris.

Declutter. Your realtor will probably advise you to pack away your knick knacks, photos and kids’ toys. It’s important that prospective buyers are able to imagine themselves living in your home, and this is difficult when your personal items are covering every surface.

Paint. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way when enticing buyers. Stick to neutral colours that will appeal to the masses.

By making an extra effort in advance, you can ensure that buyers are seeing your home at its true value and you will hopefully receive an offer that you are happy with!