True to its name, Applewood is surrounded by calm green space and sits just on the edge of beautiful Applewood Hills Park – where you can enjoy leisurely strolls and children can hop, jump and skip in the colourful playground. Applewood is also minutes from the popular Markland Wood Country Club, Sherway Gardens and the Trillium Health Centre.

With its convenient location, Applewood provides easy access to major highways – and there’s a handy plaza just across the street, complete with a drugstore, hair salon and more.

Applewood also presents transit at your doorstep, and the GO Train offers a quick and easy commute into downtown Toronto.

February 2018 Market Update ( Average Price):

Condo Apt.             Condo Townhouse       Detached

   $349.538                    $433.000             $855.667


Market update 2016 (Average price):           Condo Apt.             Condo Townhouse       Detached

                               First quarter :                         $264,731                     $304,081               $770,368

                                                            Market update 2015.  (Dixie rd. West)  

                                                   Townhouses.                                       Detached       

     List price (average) :         $  532,850                                            $ 728,166   

       Sold price(average):        $  548,522                                          $ 710,827


Neighborhood Profile

(Based on Statistics Canada Census Dissemination Areas 2015)

Media age of Population : 35.88

Average Household Income  :  $106.015

Share of Census Families with Children (%) : 40.74

Share of Population by Marital Status:

Married  59.33 %

Single  26.12%

Share Population by Ethnic Origin:

European origins: 74.87%

Other North American original: 9.28%

Asian origins: 13.91%

Share of occupied Dwellings by Tenure:

Owned  94.40%

Rented 5.60%

                                                                      Average  Price 2015:

                                                  Dixie rd. West                                        Dixie rd. East

                                         Cawthra / Dundas  

Att/Row/ Townhouse           $544,490                                                      $607,117

Condo Apt                                —-                                                              $186,900 3bedrooms

Condo Townhouse               $200,375                                                     $182,108

Detached                               $686,714                                                   $695,107

Link                                         ——                                                               —-

 Semi-Detached                    $545,667                                                    $613,143