The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, so sprucing it up from
time-to-time can really make a big impact on the whole house. But before you start dreading the cost of an expensive kitchen renovation, consider some of these affordable updates that will take your kitchen from drab to fab!
Replace the Cabinetry Hardware
Changing up even the smallest detail in your kitchen can yield big results. Door and drawer pulls come in many options, so select carefully to compliment your overall design statement. And if you’ve selected a modern brushed nickel handle and it doesn’t feel harmonious with your old wood doors, consider refinishing the doors using some of the tips listed below.
Paint the Walls
Nothing changes the look of a room quite like a fresh coat of paint. Some of the “it” colours for 2012 include shades of blue, grey and soft neutrals neutrals.
Add a Backsplash
Help create a focal point by introducing a backsplash. Choices include laminates, glass, ceramics, metal and solid surface materials (either natural or man-made). What’s hot right now is the mosaic pattern as well as variations of the subway tile. Subway tiles now offer various designs and options, which allow homeowners to make a mural of paints or photographs via digital printing. This look works well in either a traditional, or more modern style kitchen and can really help customize your home.
Install New Faucets
The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) says that while deck-mount faucets remain popular because of the added functionality of an integrated or separate spray option, wall-mount kitchen faucets are also gaining appeal. Recent trends also show that homeowners are making a shift to texture and darker finishes like brushed nickel or bronze.
Refinish the Cabinets
If your cabinets scream 1970, consider staining or bleaching them to help make them more contemporary. Pickled finishes are currently popular according to the NKBA. This is where white pigment is rubbed into an unfinished wood to lighten the appearance of the cabinets. A pickled finish look great in a contemporary or country setting when applied to a traditional-style cabinet.