Each year homeowners spend hundreds of dollars on their gardens purchasing tools, products and plants. A beautiful and thriving garden can be very rewarding, but high priced register receipts take the fun out of gardening. Follow our budget friendly tips to think green, and save green.
Get Your Hands Dirty
Forget high priced landscapers and “lawn technicians.” Save your money on over priced labour and purchase a few simple materials to do this work yourself. Planting lawn, building stone gardens and loosening soil is all work you can complete. Not only will this save you money it will also make your gardening more rewarding.
Super Plants 
Opting for very productive plants will increase your gardening experience. Instead of waiting all season for a prized tomato, enjoying early-baring cherry tomatoes all summer long. Invest in plants like climbing peas which grow vertically and give you extra space. Some plants are known to attract butterflies, which bring an added beauty to any garden. Most importantly, be thankful for what you have. Some plants will thrive in your area, others will not. Be content with this and don’t try to force plants to grow, this will save you time, money and potential heartache.
Green Savers
To the savvy gardener, there are many free products available. You can save seeds for next years garden or creating your own compost and fertilizer out of grass clippings, leaves. You can also save money by purchasing when prices are low. Perennials, trees, shrubs, mulch and soil are all less expensive late in the season and can be planted indoors until the weather is right to go outside. Also be aware of organizations your community which offer free compost and mulch to those wanting to pick it up.
Garden Club
Creating a garden club with your neighbours is a great way to be social, and save money. Sharing seeds, tools and large item purchases can significantly lower costs. Items purchased in bulk quantities are often less expensive. Participating in plant swaps is another great way to share your favourite plants. Lastly be creative. Asking neighbors to bring home extra sand and seaweed from their beach trips can cure drainage issues, while making the most of household items can add a touch of flare to any garden. Try using coconut shells as small planters for rooted herbs and veggies.